New Research Reveals “Secret Shortcut” You Can Use To BURN OFF MORE FAT and LOSE MORE WEIGHT Without Exercising Longer Or Harder!

M.D.’s and professional trainers say they get nearly TWICE the WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS from this breakthrough that is guaranteed to make your weight loss more successful, faster and easier.


Dear Friend,

        Do you want to lose weight faster and easier from your exercise?

        Do you want to have more free time to do what you want instead of working out more?

        Are you sick and tired of not getting the results you want fast enough? Are you afraid to look at yourself in the mirror when you are naked or when changing clothes?

        Well then, I have very exciting news to share with you …

        Remember back in school? How thin a lot of girls were? I’m going to reveal a recent exercise discovery that is the difference between a woman who was thin back in school … and now looks great all these years later … and a woman who was also thin back in school … but now looks overweight and sloppy.


And, yes, now you can use this “secret shortcut” to look like you used to you …. younger and thinner!

        Here it is:

The Secret To MORE WEIGHT LOSS FROM EXERCISE Is Drinking The Right Nutrients Within “The Golden 60 minutes” After Your Workout!

        It’s a fact: Clinical studies by top universities have proven the most important 60 minutes of the day to make your body burn off a lot MORE fat and calories than it otherwise would … is within the first hour after finishing your workout!

        Within this “Golden Hour”, you should consume a shake with a 2 to 1 mixture of fast-absorbing carbohydrates, high-concentration proteins and certain other nutrients.

        If your body does not get these nutrients it needs right after your workout, you are flushing a lot of your exercise efforts down the drain.

        You will also weaken your fat-burning metabolism, losing 20% or more of the weight loss you otherwise would have made. You will also lose muscle, suffer more pain, have more fatigue and your performance will suffer the next time you workout.

        The simple fix is to drink the right shake immediately after your workout.


This Is The Key Difference For People Who Lose Weight The Fastest And Easiest … And Keep It Off

        The breakthrough Jaylab Pro Active Recovery shake will make the most of all your hard work and time spent exercising.

        It will make your body burn off more fat for days after your workout. It increases metabolism from accelerating lean muscle growth.

        It will maximize your weight loss results … and with NO extra time or effort spent by you!


Why You MUST Drink THE RIGHT Shake After You Exercise

        Shakes are food in liquid form so they digest faster and more easily than solid foods. This gives your muscles the nutrients they need right away when they are most receptive to them … and when they will burn off the most fat and calories from your body by far!

        Post-workout is the time that the muscles will absorb nutrients like a sponge because you have just depleted the glycogen stores so drastically with your workout.  Carbs will be used by your body to restore muscle glycogen. If your post workout shake does NOT contain carbs, your body may actually instead break down muscle tissue for this same purpose. That would be bad.

        Protein is best consumed in the form of whey powder. While egg whites, chicken and tuna fish are fine sources of protein that I personally eat, they are NOT the ideal type of protein after your exercise session. These foods are whole foods, and the protein in whole foods digest pretty slowly.

        You may have eaten a high protein food in your post workout meal, but by the time the protein is digested and finally ready to be used by your body, a whole lot of time would have passed. This is why the ideal source of protein to eat after your workout is a whey protein powder mixed with some type of liquid thus creating a whey protein shake.

        A whey protein shake like Jaylab Pro Active Recovery shake will be digested by your body much quicker. And whey protein is the fastest digesting protein there is. This is what makes whey protein pretty much the official choice of leading personal trainers as their post workout meal protein source.

        So, consume your post-workout shake as soon as possible at the completion of your workout, and surely well within what is called the "golden hour”.

Jaylab Pro Active Recovery Shake TURNS OFF Your HUNGER and TURNS ON Your FAT BURNING!

        This shake has a unique formula that puts everything your body needs after training all into one delicious shake. Designed to target every aspect of weight loss, recovery, lean muscle growth, strength, speed and essential nutrient replenishment.

        What normally would take 6-7 different supplements to accomplish, this does it all in one serving. Best of all, there is no added fat or cholesterol to weigh you down, AND YOU’LL SWEAR YOU ARE DRINKING A TROPICAL DESSERT!

Our customers say it is the best-tasting nutritional shake they’ve ever tasted!
➤ Mixes easily with no clumping
➤ Increases lean muscle
➤ Increases nutrient absorption
➤ Prevents muscle breakdown
➤ Dramatically enhances quickness of muscle recovery
➤ Reduce extent of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
➤ Suppresses Cortisol hormone elevation
➤ Strengthens immune system function
➤ Replenishes muscle glycogen stores
➤ Enhances Cell Volumization

Mixes instantly, no blender required.
No adverse side effects with your digestive system
Perfect post-workout meal on the go
Make your life easier: This delicious post-workout formula is easy to carry with you
     to the gym
Use this simple formula immediately after your workout to help turn your body into a
     muscle-building, calorie-burning machine
Powder so fine that you can even use a spoon to mix it with
Generates extra energy for you that lasts all day



Research based carb/protein ratio for optimizing workouts

Delicious easy-to-mix formula – ready to drink in less than 60 seconds

Rapid absorption designed for maximum muscle recovery

Accelerates lean tissue growth which raises metabolism

Contains over 3 grams of BCAA's.  

Low Temperature Microfiltered and Ion-Exchanged Whey Protein Isolates for unparalleled purity

Powered with pharmaceutical quality whey protein

Active Recovery is Gluten Free*

Here’s The Best News Of All!

        This exciting news is really about your opportunity to spend the rest of your years healthier and happier! Now you can have better health for the things that really make life better including:

Feeling younger, sexier – more attractive to the opposite sex!

Spend more time with your friends!

Shop, read, or do what you love more!

Feel more excited, happy and positive!

Make your relationship or marriage more special!

Learning exciting new things!

Meet and become NEW FRIENDS with exciting, fun people!

Make your “secret dreams” come true!

But Don't Carbs Make You Fat?

        Normally they do, but NOT when you take carbs during HIS! HIS means: High Insulin Sensitivity, a condition that occurs after twenty minutes of intense training and lasting up to an hour after training. During this time, carbs are driven straight into muscle to supercharge your workouts and create stored glycogen for your next workout.

        Most people know by now that the way to recover is to take protein before and after training. Research into nutrient timing has shown that you recover up to two times faster as a result. But new research shows that if you are NOT getting a 2-to-1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio after your workout … you are NOT getting the full weight loss benefits!


In Addition To Faster & Easier Weight Loss, You Will Also Recover From Your Workouts Faster And With Less Pain

        Are you fed-up with next day muscle soreness and pain after your workouts?

        When recovering from intense workouts, Active Recovery shake has the vital nutrients you need to bounce back fast with less or no muscle pain. It has the right vitamins, including antioxidants, to help reduce muscle soreness and assist in your lean muscle repair and growth.

        Studies by leading universities show that with proper nutrition during the first hour following exercise you can increase your body's ability to recover more than 100%.

        This delicious shake will get rid of 70% to 100% of the pain you usually feel the next day!

Your 3 Biggest Problems NOW ELIMINATED For Not Eating Your Most Important Weight Loss Meal Of The Day!

Most people fail to consume the most important meal of the day (within 60 minutes after your workout) because of one or more of the following reasons:

Problem #1: They don’t have time to prepare a workout recovery meal. Let’s face it: in today’s fast paced world, who does? It’s downright difficult to remember to pre-cook and pre-package a meal the day before, then remember to carry it with you to the gym every single day. Those that tried to “cook as you go,” found it extremely difficult to rush home to prepare food within the time frame needed to reap the rewards of a post-workout meal. So at best, their post workout meals were really late (providing no real benefit) or were skipped altogether.

Problem #2: They hate eating cold cooked meals. There’s nothing worse than finishing up your workout or training session then sitting down to a cold, nasty chicken breast. Frankly, it’s dry and disgusting - might as well be eating mud.  And for those who “could” force down cold meals, they could only do it for a short amount of time. The unappetizing taste usually made them begin to dread even looking at the food anymore.

Problem #3: They can't stand the taste of 99% of all meal replacement shakes.  Pick up 10 different meal replacement shakes off the shelves, and 9 out of 10 will be downright disgusting. Many taste like watered down chalk water disguised as a protein supplement - or worse. The very thought of drinking this stuff has most people cringing.

Now with Jaylab Pro Active Recovery Shake, all 3 of these biggest reasons are now eliminated!

And For A Very Limited Time You Can Try Active Recovery For FREE!

        I’m so excited for you to start losing more weight faster & easier … pain problems gone -- your energy level higher … … feeling better and younger than you have in years!

        That’s why I want to take away any reason not to respond now with my personal FREE trial offer.

        I'm so confident you are going to love Active Recovery and the way it enhances your workouts - I'm offering you a full month’s supply for free. All I ask is you pay a small shipping and handling fee. Sound fair?

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Yours for better health,

Jayson Hunter

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
Jaylab Pro Nutrition

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Men's Fitness Taste Test

I tried your workout post-workout mix this morning and I was seriously blown away. It has a good flavor, no aftertaste, and ingredients that I can actually pronounce! These guys at really know what they're doing.

Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S.,
fitness editor of Men's Fitness magazine

Heavier Lifts

"I've been using Jaylab Pro about a month. I train hard five days a week and recovery time is really important. My recovery has been improving thanks to your products, especially Active Recovery.*  My overall performance is improving, but I notice it most in my heavier lifts.* I got my first barbell shoulder press with 170 lb yesterday, plus my first unilateral dumbbell high pulls with 100 lb (each arm). Though I know many people will get heavier lifts than mine, I am thrilled! I have a goal of being able to do a 100 lb dumbbell clean & press with one arm by my 58th birthday, which is in August, and I believe I will make it. Your excellent products definitely are helping move ahead faster.  Lastly, my clients are very impressed with the quality of the products also!"

Frank DiMeo
Sarasota, FL, Age 57

Improving Endurance

"I have to tell you that I think the Active Recovery works great. It tastes great, it blends with milk easily, and It doesn't give you any digestive problems.* I take it both before and after my workout.  Since I started taking it I found that my endurance has improved and I can push myself harder and harder during my workouts.* I will definitely continue to use it! "

Jim Brown
Franklin, CT, Age 54

Loves The Taste!

"I absolutely love Active Recovery. I'll admit, I was surprised by just how great it tastes!  You'll look forward to drinking it immediately after a hard training session- I know I do."

Mike Anderson,
Tampa, FL Age 37

Tons of Newfound Energy

"Before trying Active Recovery I felt hungry and lethargic after a workout. But after the first two times of having Active Recovery as my exercise recovery drink, I felt satisfied and had a ton of energy.* I felt better and found that I wasn’t hungry later in the night.* Since implementing the Active Recovery to my program, I have been able to break through a plateau I have had forever and lost 5 pounds and countless inches"*

Gabrielle Renault
Orleans, Vermont


We don't know if you will experience the same or similar results as these Jaylab Pro customers. Your experiences may not be as positive.



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